Jungle Boys

Discover a world of exceptional cannabis with Jungle Boys, a dedicated collective of cultivators committed to cultivating clean, potent strains. Our unique pheno-hunting techniques have led us to unveil over 500 rare cultivars, each contributing to the diverse tapestry of our genetics library. From the iconic Jungle Cake to the powerful Wedding Crashers, our strains captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

As we continue to expand, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Our hand-selected flowers and single-source concentrates have become a beacon for cannabis connoisseurs, drawing them to our renowned California retail stores. Now, we’re leaving our mark on Florida’s medical market with new Jungle Boys dispensaries emerging across the Sunshine State.

While our footprint grows, we stay true to our roots as a small company of devoted growers. With each seed we plant, we strive for perfection innovation in the cannabis industry. Join us on this journey as we inspire the next generation of cultivators. We are always dedicated to delivering the highest quality cannabis possible.

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