Purple Punch Strain Marijuana Clones


The Purple Punch strain is a hybrid marijuana plant that leans heavily towards indica with an 80/20 indica, sativa ratio. While the strain’s origin is a bit of a mystery, usage promotes a relaxed, sleepy, and euphoric feel. You’ll quickly understand how it got its name when the strong aromas and taste of grapes ‘punch you in the face’ as many reviews claim.

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Purple Punch OG Strain Info

By successfully breeding two indica dominant strains together — Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple — the Purple Punch was born. Recommended to be used at night, it’s known to bring about a heavy body feel mixed with heaps of mental stimulation. If you’re looking for a mood boost or wanting to relax right before bed, this strain is a great option. If you’re after equally pleasing body and mind effects, this delicious strain is your perfect match.

On top of its feel-good and soothing benefits, users turn to this strain for its effectiveness in relieving stress, depression, nausea, and bodily pain such as headaches, cramps, muscle aches, and more.

Plant Properties & Specifics

In case you needed even more reasons to add Purple Punch OG to your lineup, this world-renowned indoor/outdoor plant is known to bud quite quickly — with flowers popping up around 7-8 weeks. By around 56 days or so, it’ll be ready for harvest, yielding close to 21 ounces per plant!

Larry OG & Granddaddy Purple
Genetic Ratio: 80% indica, 20% sativa
THC Content: 18.0% – 20.0%

Flavors: Grape, Blueberry, Vanilla

Gender: Feminized / Female
Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD

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