Skywalker OG Strain Clones


Skywalker OG is a premium indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain, widely known for its strong and pungent diesel smell. The flavors are earthy but citrusy, with a spicy finish and smooth smoke.

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Skywalker OG Strain Description

This potent and relaxing cannabis strain is an all-time favorite in many dispensaries. The reasons why everyone loves Skywalker strain OG are numerous: an intense and quick high, leaving you relaxed and happy with your head in the clouds, and a tingly, numb feeling. The strong physical high brought by this marijuana strain is what makes it preferred by people who suffer from chronic pain. Skywalker OG helps patients cope with nausea, stress, insomnia, and pain.

Growing Skywalker OG requires some experience but it’s certainly worth the try, even if you’re a beginner grower. As soon as your clones are big enough (or after 7 to 9 weeks), you can switch the lights to induce the plants to start flowering. The yields for this cannabis strain are pretty impressive, so you must pay close attention to manage the size of your plants. If you’re a commercial grower, please note that we offer special pricing for wholesale orders.

Lineage: Skywalker and OG Kush

Genetic Ratio: 85% indica – 15% sativa

THC Content: 18-26%

Common Effects: relaxation, sleep induction, sedation, pain relief, calming, light-headedness. 

Skywalker OG

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