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Homegrown Nursery takes pride in being the premium source for cannabis clones and plants in Michigan.

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For the time being, we have a minimum purchase of $200 for online orders.
So if you're after just a handful of clones, we won't be able to help you today.
Best of luck with your growing ventures and stay tuned for further updates.


Why Choose Homegrown Nursery?


From Growers to Growers

In sum, we do the annoying part for you. The growing process for marijuana clones is highly controlled as we inspect them daily to avoid any nutrient deficiency or mold.

To ensure maximum quality in our clones, our nursery is sanitary and has controlled temperature and humidity. Every growing clone has a strict schedule for lighting and feeding. Every tray of clones is continuously monitored to ensure roots are visible. Before shipping any clone, we check for health, visible roots, and identifiable genetics.

First-Rate Cannabis Strains in Michigan