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To qualify for wholesale pricing, there is a minimum order of 100 clones.

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For the time being, we have a minimum purchase of $200 for online orders.
So if you're after just a handful of clones, we won't be able to help you today.
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Wholesale marijuana in Ohio


How our process for wholesale cannabis works:

Homegrown Nursery has the widest variety, and the top-quality strains your farm needs. To make sure your cannabis farm will be a success, we offer clones with superior genetics in hybrid, Sativa, and Indica strains. Count on our impeccable customer service to provide top-shelf wholesale marijuana clones.
We care for every clone in our nursery to ensure we’re only shipping the strongest and healthiest plants to our customers. As growers ourselves, we know what fellow experienced growers expect in terms of quality and genetics.

Why Choose Homegrown Nursery for Wholesale Marijuana plants?