Black Cherry Gelato – Backpack Boyz Cut


If you’re a fan of Gelato cannabis, then Black Cherry Gelato is the strain for you. Like it’s inspiration, Black Cherry Gelato provides a super relaxing high, leaving your body feeling at ease. Though just as tasty, this strain is a little heavier than Gelato when it comes to both taste and relaxation properties.

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Black cherry gelato – backpack boyz cut

Black cherry gelato is said to be a musty sweet fruity scent that you get from a majority of good gelato with hints of citrus and a wisp of cherry Slurpee. When breaking open a bud the same scent is present but louder and has a minor fresh edge to it. When breaking it down by hand you smell a lemon cream at first that widens out to a more general cream and fruit scent but the lemon remains strong and ever-present.

The flavors are sugar-sweet and floral with a little fruit and menthol in the background. The effects can be strong for novice users and may end up falling asleep and getting couch-locked by it. But it’s a motivator that’s great for sluggish jobs around the house and office. Overall it’s very calming, that can make you happier, feeling relaxed enough to do things and not think about anything else. It’s definitely worth trying out.

Black Cherry Gelato is a hybrid cross of Blackberry and Sunset Sherbet. Its aromatic profile is sweet, earthy and fruity with notes of freshly sliced blackberries that mingle with a creamy sherbet-inspired base. No wonder Black Cherry was voted as one of the best flavor strains in 2020 at the Emerald Cup.

Lineage: Black Berry & Sunset Sherbet
Genetic Ratio: 55% indica, 45% sativa
THC Content: 18.0% – 27.0%
Flavors/Aromas: Sweet berries & pine
Gender: Feminized / Female
Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD

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