Blue Dream Strain Marijuana Clones


Known for its sweet, berry-like smell and delicious flavor, the sativa-dominant Blue Dream strain creates a euphoric and motivating cerebral high, coupled with a relaxing body high. Originating from California, Blue Dream is widely used and is a favorite amongst all types of consumers—from novice to more experienced users.

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Blue Dream Uses & Properties

Crossing the Blueberry and Haze strains creates the deliciously aromatic sativa-dominant hybrid known as Blue Dream (aka Azure Haze). Like many strains, its origins are somewhat unclear, but it was DJ Short (a legendary breeder) who made it the variation that consumers know and love today.

It has a relatively high THC content (17%-24%), but what makes it unique is the higher (than most) percentage of CBD and CBN content—2% and 1% respectively. This makes it the perfect strain to help combat many afflictions.

Blue Dream is the best of both of its parents—producing a nicely balanced and long-lasting high. Because it’s a sativa-leaning hybrid, users report a rush of creativity and motivation, which makes it a go-to option if you have lots to do! As the high settles in, the motivation subsides a bit and you’ll feel a sense of calm and ease wash over you—leaving you subdued and pain-free.

Medicinally, it’s a potent choice known to help alleviate fatigue, depression, and pain. It is also commonly prescribed to promote hunger.

Note: Because of its stimulant properties, it is advised that you do not use this strain if you suffer from an anxiety disorder.

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Plant Properties

Newbie plant growers will rejoice as this strain is relatively easy to grow—making it a great starting point if you want to become a cultivator.

Indoors, you can expect your clone to flower at around 10 weeks. Outside, it’s best to grow around late September to early October. Either way, the plant can grow to be as tall as 5 feet, so make sure you have ample space available. Another plus to Blue Dream is that it typically yields high amounts—around 21 ounces per plant!

Lineage: Blueberry, Haze
Genetic Ratio: 60% indica, 40% sativa
THC Content: 17.0% – 24.0%
Flavors/Aromas: Sweet, blueberry, berry, sugar
Gender: Feminized / Female
Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD

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