Gelato 45 Marijuana Clones


Like most other Gelato 45 Marijuana Clones are well-known for its strong head-rushing potency and its deliciously sweet, fruity aroma and flavor. Th cross of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies strains. While Gelato 33 (aka Larry Bird as an ode to the NBA star’s jersey #33) is slightly more well known and popular, the Gelato 45 strain typically yields a higher THC amount 18%-27%.


Discovering Gelato 45 Marijuana Clones: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Gelato 45 Strain

Gelato 45, a versatile hybrid (55% indica, 45% sativa), boasts both daytime sociability and relaxing bedtime effects.

Diverse Benefits

Embrace laughter, heightened creativity, or relaxation with Gelato 45, known for its giggly, euphoric, and appetite-stimulating traits. Medicinally, it combats insomnia, fatigue, mild pain, nausea, depression, and anxiety.

Growing Gelato 45: Tips and Tricks

1. Indoor vs. Outdoor Cultivation

While indoor growth offers climate control, Gelato 45 thrives outdoors in warm, humid conditions (around 75℉). Plan for an indoor flowering period of 56-63 days or an outdoor harvest in early to mid-October.

2. Container Size Matters

Gelato 45 can be a bit finicky, so using a large container is advisable. Expect it to reach a height of 120-180 cm and yield approximately 17 oz per 3 square feet.

Gelato 45 Strain Details

  • Lineage: A fusion of Girl Scout Cookies & Sunset Sherbet
  • Genetic Ratio: 55% indica, 45% sativa
  • THC Content: Ranging from 18.0% to 27.0%
  • Flavors/Aromas: Sweet berries & pine
  • Gender: Feminized / Female
  • Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD

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Additional information

Plant Size

Clones 6-8 Inches, 12-15 Inches, 16-20 Inches, 21-25 Inches RTF