Girl Scout Cookies Strain Clones


The Girl Scout Cookies strain supposedly comes from a breeder in California that crossed OG Kush with Durban Poison. This cross-breeding resulted in the smooth, fast-acting indica-dominant hybrid widely known today as GSC. Thanks to its hardy THC content (around 19%), users turn to this variety for its full-body relaxation and euphoric effects.

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GSC Uses & Properties

Because it’s an indica-leaning hybrid (60% indica, 40% sativa), Girl Scout Cookies marijuana is typically appreciated later in the day when users are ready to wind-down and relax.

GSC received its name because of its slightly skunky and chocolatey-mint aroma that reminds consumers of the well-known Girl Scout cookie. Thanks to the endorsement and continuous use by musical celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Berner, it quickly become a world-renowned and go-to preference for customers around the globe.

When using this strain, you’ll first encounter the pungent fragrance followed by a sweet flavor. But what will really have you coming back for more is the fact that it’s such a well-rounded hybrid that provides a very long-lasting euphoric, creative, and calming high.

If you’re hoping for some medicinal benefits, consumers turn to this weed for relief against stress, anxiety, depression, and appetite loss—among other ailments.

Pro tip: It’s important to note that the Girl Scout Cookies strain is reported to be a powerful variety, so proceed with caution if it’s your first time using for recreational purposes or medical care.

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Growing Information & Properties

While it’s known to be a bit of a harder hybrid to grow, that shouldn’t stop you—especially when using our superior wholesale clones instead of seeds.

Creating the right environment for GSC to flourish will be the key difference maker between a successful or unsuccessful harvest. This plant needs enough space to expand and plenty of sunshine and warmth. For best results, we recommend growing it indoors where you can oversee the entire process.

Whether you choose to grow indoors or out, you can expect to harvest around 10oz/m2 or more once you notice the purple and green buds with flaming-orange hairs.

Lineage: OG Kush, Durban Poison

Genetic Ratio: 60% indica, 40% sativa

THC Content: Anywhere from 19%-28%

Flavors/Aromas: Candy, mint, citrus, pungent, spices, earthy, skunky, cherry, lemon

Gender: Feminized / Female

Cannabinoids: High THC / Low CBD

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