Sunset Sherbert Clones


Sunset Sherbert cannabis clones is an Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid strain. A cross between Pink Panties and the renowned Girl Scout Cookies. Although the THC content in Sunset Sherbert is not very high, you should not underestimate it. This strain can cause super potent mind and body effects.


Sunset Sherbert Clones — Top Cannabis Clones

Discover the Delightful Sunset Sherbert Strain

Uncover the captivating world of Sunset Sherbert cannabis clones, an Indica-dominant marijuana hybrid known for its potent effects and delectable flavors. Delve into its sweet and fruity essence, with taste of honey, yogurt, and peaches, all inherited from its illustrious genetic lineage, Girl Scout Cookies.

The Perfect Balance: Sativa and Indica Harmony

Explore the unique traits of Sunset Sherbert as it masterfully balances Sativa and Indica traits. Experience an initial uplift, followed by a soothing full body buzz, providing relief for various conditions like chronic pain, muscle tension, inflammation, menstrual cramps, stress, and depression.

Cultivating Sunset Sherbert: A Thriving Journey

Embark on the journey of growing Sunset Sherbert cannabis clones, anticipating flowering within 7 to 8 weeks. While adaptable to any environment, optimal results flourish in a controlled indoor setting. Witness the mesmerizing trichome production and vibrant orange and purple hues as the buds mature.

Unveiling Sunset Sherbert’s Genetic Makeup

Decode the genetic makeup of Sunset Sherbert—85% Indica and 15% Sativa, making it an ideal hybrid for daytime use. Despite its Indica dominance, enjoy the strain’s brain stimulating effects, providing the perfect blend of relaxation and mental energy.

Sunset Sherbert Strain Data

Explore details of Sunset Sherbert Cannabis Clones:

  • Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties
  • Genetic Ratio: 85% Indica – 15% Sativa
  • THC Content: 15-19%
  • Common Effects: Euphoria, happiness, uplifted mood, body relaxation, creativity boost.

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Additional information

Plant Size

Clones 6-8 Inches, 12-15 Inches, 16-20 Inches, 21-25 Inches RTF