Sunset Sherbert Clones


Sunset Sherbert is an Indica-dominant cannabis hybrid strain. A cross between Pink Panties and the renowned Girl Scout Cookies — it’s a popular choice for many. Although the THC content in Sunset Sherbert is not very high, you should not underestimate it. This strain can cause super potent mind and body effects.

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What is Sunset Sherbert Strain?

Sunset Sherbert strain, also known as Sunset Sherbert, is an Indica-leaning potent marijuana hybrid. This strain’s buds have incredibly sweet and fruity flavors that will make you think of honey, yogurt, and peaches. It inherited the fantastic candy-like smell from its genetic lineage, Girl Scout Cookies. 

Known for striking a perfect balance between Sativa and Indica, many people love this strain because of the effects it causes. First, it will leave you feeling uplifted as you’re transported into cerebral euphoria. Shortly after you may experience an intense full-body buzz that will make you feel at ease. Medical marijuana patients use this strain to help cope with chronic pain, muscle tension, inflammation, menstrual cramps, stress, and depression.

How to Grow Sunset Sherbert Strain?

If you’re growing the Sunset Sherbert strain, you can expect it to start flowering in 7 to 8 weeks. Although it can adapt to any environment, this marijuana strain will thrive in a highly controlled indoor setting. As soon as the buds start to grow, you will be blown away by its fascinating trichome production and gorgeous orange and purple colors.

Is Sunset Sherbert Sativa or Indica?

Sunset Sherbert is a hybrid strain with Indica-leaning genetics: 85% Indica and 15% Sativa. And although it is predominantly an Indica strain, it is perfect for daytime use due to its brain-stimulating effects.

Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties

Genetic Ratio: 85% Indica – 15% Sativa

THC Content: 15-19%

Common Effects: Euphoria, happiness, uplifted mood, body relaxation, creativity boost.

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