Zkittlez Strain Clones

The Zkittlez strain has taken America by storm over the past 5 years. It has quickly become the country’s most trending and award-winning cannabis strain with 38 awards! The eye-catching bud with its purple hues, white trichomes, and sweet fruity flavor reminds you of Skittles’ slogan — taste the rainbow. Zkittlez is most commonly used for patients suffering from depression, lack of appetite, and sleep disorders.

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Zkittlez Strain Uses & Properties

Zkittlez OG is most commonly prescribed for patients with ADHD symptoms as it relaxes, focuses, and makes the users more social. Some users have reported very light pressure around the eyes at first, followed by a feeling of time slowing down. Many users prefer enjoying this strain in the afternoon or early evening when winding down for the day. It’s not a good choice if you’re planning on finishing a to-do list or working late.

Medical marijuana users enjoy the strain for its zoned-in mental properties as it allows patients with ADHD to focus on one task. The fast-acting mental high is followed by a body high, making it a good option for those struggling with stress, depression, and anxiety. Other benefits include relief from appetite loss, minor and chronic pain.

The sweet strawberry and grape flavors make Zkittlez a very popular marijuana strain for those seeking a smooth and multifaceted high. Even though the bud doesn’t look appealing once cured, the aroma is enough to convince new users. Users prone to panic attacks and have low or unknown THC tolerance should stay clear of the Zkittlez strain as it may have paranoid cerebral effects.

Zkittlez OG Growing Information

This strain is notoriously hard to find, but relatively easy to grow, as the seeds aren’t available for purchase online. Growers have to purchase clones or get a clipping from a healthy and mature plant. Even though it may be harder to come by, the fact that the seeds can’t be bought ensures growers have genetically identical plants making the flavors and effects more predictable.

Zkittlez loves hot and humid conditions making it great for growing outdoors. The cooler evening temperatures encourage the famous purple hues on the buds. If you would like to grow indoors and are still after the purple hues, consider lowering the temperature for a few hours.

This strain will flower after 8 to 10 weeks and is known to yield a large amount. Growers can expect to harvest in October when growing in the northern hemisphere when the white and milky trichomes appear.

Lineage: Grape Ape and Grapefruit
Genetic Ratio: 70% indica, 30% sativa
THC Content: 14% – 23%
Flavors/Aromas: Sweet, berry, and grape
Gender: Feminized / Female
Cannabinoids: High THC / Very low CBD

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