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Top-Shelf Cannabis Clones in Humboldt County

Homegrown Nursery is your top source for high-quality, healthy, and rooted cannabis clones in Humboldt County. Our feminized clones are handpicked and have verified genetics. Starting your personal or commercial growth with clones is the best way to save time, money, and ensure the best final product possible.
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Where to buy cannabis clones in Humboldt County?

Homegrown Nursery has got you covered with the best strains!

If you're looking for a reputable Humboldt nursery, look no further. Homegrown Nursery covers all the following cities:
Blue Lake
Fortuna Rio Dell
No matter where you're located in Humboldt County, we will assist you. If you're elsewhere in California, Homegrown Nursery can also support you with clones in Sacramento, Fresno, Los Angeles, and many other cities.

To buy clones in bulk, please get in touch with our team for wholesale pricing.

Our Top-Selling 

Meet Our Most Popular Clones In  And Find The Best Strain To Fit Your Needs. We Cultivate The Finest Cannabis Strains And Guarantee Superior Genetics.

How to safely buy cannabis clones with Homegrown Nursery

Homegrown Nursery's process is easy and hassle-free. California residents should be at least 21 years old to legally grow cannabis in your enclosed garden, greenhouse, or grow room. According to Humboldt County marijuana growing laws, if you're cultivating for personal use, you can produce up to three pounds of buds per year. If you're starting a commercial farm, it's crucial to apply for both a state and Humboldt County marijuana permit. Whether you're growing for medical, recreational, or business purposes, our easy process will get you off to a great start:
Browse our options of clones for sale - Humboldt County.
Pick your favorite strains and choose their size.
Place your order, and our representatives will get in touch.
Our team will discuss delivery options.
Once you receive your clones, make sure to inspect them.
Transplant your clones as soon as possible and happy growing!
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Choosing clones over seeds: a great choice

Although cloning is a fairly common process used by many gardeners, it was perfected by cannabis growers. Cloning is the best way to ensure you'll obtain the same unique attributes as the mother plant, such as flavor, potency, and cannabinoid levels. Since clones are the cuts taken from a mother plant, they will grow into genetically identical plants.

When compared to seeds, clones are a little more expensive in the short-term. However, in the long run, they will save you a lot of time, money, and guesswork. When talking about genetics and plant health with Homegrown Nursery, what you buy is what you get, no surprises. Skip the boring, time-consuming work of germinating seeds into seedlings and guessing if you have a male plant. By growing marijuana clones, you will jump straight to the vegetative phase. As soon as the plant is big enough, you can then switch to flowering.
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Hear from our satisfied customers in Humboldt County

"When I decided to start growing cannabis in a small area near my vineyard, I thought that everything I knew from all those years growing grapes would suffice. Oh, I was wrong. My first batch of seeds was a disaster with a lot of males and very unstable genetics. A friend shared his experience with clones and gave me Homegrown Nursery's number. Everyone was extremely helpful. I'm about to harvest, and I can confirm: genetics is amazing with beautiful, colored buds!" Hannah Park.

"I have been growing cannabis for quite a while for personal use. A friend of mine shared a strain that got me glued to the couch, feeling extremely happy and relaxed. I tried finding seeds for that strain, with very little success. So, I decided to give clones a try, although I initially found them expensive. I couldn't be more satisfied with the product quality and the amazing customer service I got at Homegrown Nursery. Thank you, guys!" Don Smithson.

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First-Rate Cannabis Strains to anywhere in the U.S.!

We ship to anywhere cannabis is legal. If you are unsure if we can ship to your city or state, check out cities and states page or contact us.
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