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Insider Tips on How to Get A Job in The Cannabis Industry


Cannabis is one of the most promising and fast-growing industries globally due to marijuana legalization efforts in numerous countries and states. Of course, this tremendous growth of 15% per year is creating a sparking interest in all careers in the cannabis industry. However, as attention turns to this market, competition is on the rise. In this article, you’ll learn how to get a job in the cannabis industry and stand out from the crowd.

How to get a job in the cannabis industry

The possibilities of careers in the cannabis industry are countless, and there are many paths you can take. The outcome of your job search, however, depends a lot on your previous experience. If you have a solid resume and lots of professional experience, this can, of course, be used as an asset when applying for a cannabis-related job. If you don’t have too much experience, don’t worry. There are many entry-level job possibilities, such as trimmer or deliveryperson, that can help you get your foot in the door.

Cannabis farms hire many entry-level jobs to help during harvest.

Independently of your previous work experience, the tips we curated for you in this article can be useful when put into practice. Our goal is to teach you how to work in the cannabis industry and advise on how to market yourself as a professional that companies would love to have on their team.

Tip #1: Understand your career possibilities

If you plan to make a career move to the cannabis industry, you should start by assessing your previous work experience and considering how they could become assets. Depending on your field of expertise, you can apply for a job in a cannabis business that fits your previous roles. You should use the professional or academic experience you have in your favor.

Many people only think of farmers or budtenders, but in reality, lots more positions exist within the field of cannabis. From receptionists, security guards, and sales representatives to store and production managers, cooks, accountants, lawyers, facility directors, and designers – there are numerous opportunities available. As marijuana farms in California and other states are always popping up and growing, so are the possibilities.

There are numerous career possibilities in the cannabis industry.

Tip #2: Do your research and learn all you can about cannabis

Once you’ve assessed the career opportunities and have thought about the possible jobs you could apply to, it’s time to start researching and studying. Get well-versed in the local legislation for cannabis in your state, and municipality. You should understand the laws of the industry you want to work in. For entry-level jobs, following daily news about the marijuana industry could help you big time.

Some of the most wanted jobs, such as sales representatives or budtenders at dispensaries, require a comprehensive understanding of how cannabinoids affect the human body and the effects of the most popular strains. If you have more in-depth knowledge, you may want to consider becoming a medical marijuana cardholder so that you can talk about the different strains with expertise.

Not quite ready to take that step? Think about investing in professional cannabis training. Some universities like Northern Michigan University, Oaksterdam University, Niagara College, and Clover Leaf University offer courses or majors in cannabis-related fields. There are also online institutions offering cannabis training, such as the THC University, Cannabis Training University, and The Medical Cannabis Institute (for healthcare practitioners).

Don’t underestimate the power of networking

Networking is vital for getting a job in any industry. However, in the cannabis sector, good networking can make a massive difference. Do your best to attend all the local cannabis events and tradeshows whenever you can. You should also dress and act as professionally as possible. While at the events, make meaningful connections with people in the industry, exchange business cards, and follow up after a couple of days.

Visit local dispensaries and interact with the staff to know about open positions.

If you’re looking for a local dispensary job, headshop, or farm, you should be as proactive as possible. Don’t just drop your resume, walk away, and pray for them to call you back. Go there and talk to the staff, present yourself, and engage with the managers. Find out more about the positions available as well as the requirements and skills that they’re looking for.

Spend some extra time taking care of your resume

Many people are excited about the cannabis industry and want to be part of the marijuana movement. While positive for the industry itself, this does mean that the competition is fierce when you’re first starting out. If you’re going to succeed in this industry, you need to stand out from the crowd. Remember that lengthy and tedious 3-page resume you have? Forget about it. Start a new resume using a pre-styled template such as the ones available on free tools like Canva, Crello, or Adobe Spark.

Your new resume should be visually engaging and compact. In a pile of boring resumes, you should grasp the HR manager’s attention. If you’re applying to a position such as a cashier, sales representative, or store manager, make sure to highlight your know-how on customer service and communication skills. If you’re coming from another industry, show your adaptability and creativity to thrive in unknown scenarios.

Good luck with your cannabis job search!

Most people working in the cannabis industry would say that they have a dream job and love what they do. The key is to aim high. Don’t just strive to work on anything related to cannabis. Instead, make sure you focus on working in an area you love – whether that’s growing marijuana plants or interacting with customers daily.

If you’re interested in all things cannabis, make sure to bookmark our Cannabis News page. The articles here are written and curated by Homegrown Nursery – your top source for feminized cannabis clones in California.

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