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Cannabis Recommendations In Sacramento For Aspiring Cannapreneurs


Ever since medicinal marijuana was legalized in 1996, Sacramento has become a hub for cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, and other cannabusinesses.

Whether consumers are looking to buy marijuana clones, searching for their next favorite cannabis-infused edible, or seeking out marijuana seeds in Sacramento, the city seems to do, and have it all. As the cannabis industry grows and regulations become laxer, business opportunities are popping up regularly for enthusiasts who are looking to get in on the action. Are you one of them? If so, read on!

From dispensaries and testing labs to training and education, if you are eager to become a marijuana business owner, California’s capital might just be the perfect place to start! Read on to discover the top cannabis recommendations in Sacramento to gain a better understanding of the city’s marijuana history, business ideas, available jobs, and other potential opportunities.

Consider Sacramento as a starting point if you want to be a cannabusiness owner.

A Quick Look At Cannabis In Sacramento

In Sacramento, recreational marijuana was legalized in 2016. That same year, a law was passed that approved indoor commercial cultivation, which allowed many new business possibilities. The city currently has dispensaries, testing facilities, distribution, manufacturing, cultivation, and microbusinesses on its list of approved cannabis businesses. The first step to starting a new cannabis business in Sacramento is getting the proper permits.

Although there are a number of weed businesses in Sacramento, California’s capital still has fairly strict rules and regulations regarding each of these revenue streams. So, before you decide to open up a dispensary or a grow op, there are several items you’ll need to consider first (including things like the limit of storefronts allowed in the city and proper permits for each sector, but more on that later). For now, we want to highlight the importance of getting your foot in the door before starting your own business, because we believe that knowledge—and experience—is power! Once you have a better understanding of the ins and outs of the marijuana industry, you’ll be that much more likely to succeed when you open your doors to the public.

Getting Your Foot In The Door—Cannabis Recommendations In Sacramento

Whether you want to open up a dispensary, or start your own manufacturing company, if you are totally new to cannabusinesses, we recommend you gain a bit of hands-on experience first. This will help build up your resume and overall understanding of the industry. You can do this by working with a reputable company that’s already established, take courses and tours to learn about what it takes to make it in the industry, and network with other entrepreneurs. Doing these will help you truly comprehend what it takes to make it in this competitive sector.

Marijuana Jobs & Training

From bud trimmers to laboratory analysts, there are heaps of cannabis-related job opportunities in Sacramento waiting for you! Obtaining experience in the area that you want to be involved in will go a long way and will contribute to your own company’s success story.

Start by searching for a job that suits your interests and skills. Here is a quick look at a few opportunities you may want to pursue:

Dispensary & Product Jobs

  • Sales Support

  • Budtender (expert on products)

  • Dispensary Team Member

Testing Facility Jobs

  • Laboratory Analyst

  • METRC Administrator

  • IT Change Management Lead

Distribution Jobs

  • Cannabis Packer

  • Distribution Specialist

  • Sales Representative

Cultivation Jobs

  • Nursery Technician

  • Extraction Technician

  • Cultivation Assistant

While having experience is extremely necessary, getting in some valuable industry education is also very important in preparing yourself for starting your own venture. Online cannabis schools are becoming very popular as the industry continues to expand. For example, Oaksterdam University and THC University—to name a few—have a variety of courses to help you put the theory behind your business idea.

Tourism & Cannabis Activities

You’ve certainly heard of wine and brewery tours. Well, now you can experience cannabis tours! In California, marijuana-affiliated events and activities are becoming hugely popular. From cooking classes to smoking and painting, there are many for you to explore.

By indulging in one of the many tours in Sacramento, you’ll not only experience marijuana from a different angle, but you can play around with the idea of starting your own cannabis experience as a potential business idea. Approaching the industry this way means you won’t have to produce or handle weed directly, but, instead, you can offer a fun, entertaining experience to those who are looking for weed-related activities.

Move over wine and beer, cannabis tours are the next big thing!


While working at an established company or participating in cannabis tours and local activities are great ways to meet like-minded people, don’t stop there! If you want to pick the brains of successful cannabusiness owners, or are simply looking to connect with other companies in California, networking at industry events would be well worth your while. By asking questions, exchanging business ideas, and contact information, you’ll have a much better understanding—and appreciation—for what it takes to be successful. Networking can also help you hone in on how you want to approach your own business endeavor.

What You Need To Know About Cannabusinesses In Sacramento

Once you’ve made connections, gathered important insight into the industry, and experienced first-hand the ebbs and flows of working in a cannabusiness, you’re ready to finally start your own! Here’s a brief overview of what you’ll need to do and consider before you open a marijuana business in Sacramento.


Sacramento only allows 30 storefront medical dispensaries to operate, which is currently at capacity. The city isn’t taking any more applications and has a full waitlist. But, if you think a storefront dispensary is the best option for you, check back here to find out if the quota is ever increased and how to apply.

Sacramento is currently accepting non-storefront, delivery-only dispensary applications. With this type of business, you’d still be able to sell products but wouldn’t have a shop open to the public for in-person purchases. To apply for this option, you’ll need a Conditional Use Permit and a Business Operating Permit. Weed delivery services are quite popular and lucrative in California (review this article for more detail about the benefits of marijuana delivery). If you like the idea of opening a non-storefront business in Sacramento, you can find more information about how to do that here.


To grow marijuana legally in Sacramento, you’ll need to operate in an approved zone, be at least 600 feet away from nearby schools or playgrounds, and obtain the right permits and documentation to be approved. You can read more about the steps involved in opening a cultivation business here.

If you decide to start a growing operation, it’s highly recommended that you use the best quality products. One way to do this is by purchasing wholesale marijuana plants from reputable distributors. This will help you ensure the gender of your plants, which will give you a leg up on the competition.

Testing Facilities

Sacramento awards permits for testing facilities on an individual basis. Approval depends on the zone you are applying to operate in. If your zone and permits are approved, you’ll then need a Business Operating License and background checks of anyone who has a stake in your company (of at least 20%). Interested in opening a testing lab in Sacramento? You can find more details here.


Distribution and cultivation typically go hand-in-hand. If you want to grow marijuana, you also may want to distribute it yourself, either to producers who will use the cannabis to create another product or to dispensaries that will sell the flower.

Either way, if you’re going to open up a distribution company in Sacramento, you’ll need the proper zoning approval, production permit, a Certificate of Occupancy, and the right business operating permit. To apply for these, you can follow the steps found here.


Owning a microbusiness means you do it all! These types of companies control at least 3 of the 4 stages in the marijuana supply chain under one roof. If you want to be in charge of almost every aspect of your cannabis company, applying to be a microbusiness is the way to go. Once approved, you can oversee cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, and retail.

On a case-by-case basis, Sacramento will approve microbusiness permits in approved zones. If you decide that you want to tackle more aspects of the supply chain as a microbusiness owner in Sacramento, read more here.


Similar to the other cannabis business options in Sacramento, manufacturing is permitted as long as your business is in an approved manufacturing zone, and if you’ve obtained a Conditional Use Permit, Certificate of Occupancy, and a Business Operating  License. On top of these, you’ll need to specify whether or not you will be running a nonvolatile or volatile manufacturing company. Additional details on manufacturing cannabis in Sacramento can be found here.

Now You’re Ready To Be A Cannaboss!

With California leading the cannabis charge, it’s really no surprise that the capital, Sacramento, provides many exceptional networking, business, and job opportunities.

Once you decide that venturing out on your own is worth the risk, we’re sure you’ll thank yourself in the long run for receiving adequate training, acquiring additional knowledge, and making valuable connections. All of these will help your company stand out from your competition. After you’ve gone through the necessary steps, applied for the appropriate permits, and have found a proper space for your company, you’re ready to make waves in the cannabis industry! So get out there, take the above cannabis recommendations in Sacramento, and get started, knowing that you have all the proper tools for success. If you’re willing to put in the time, work, and effort, you’ll soon be your own boss—running a top cannabusiness in Sacramento.

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