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Grow Your Marijuana Business With Cannabis Delivery in Sacramento


The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries in unfortunate ways, but one sector has seen major growth: cannabis delivery.

The demand for legal cannabis delivery in Sacramento is on the rise and, thanks to our good old friend technology, reliable weed delivery options are a lucrative add-on for cannabis business owners.

If you want to stay competitive in Sacramento, utilizing third-party weed delivery is basically a must if you are hoping to not only survive, but also thrive in the saturated market. Taking advantage of delivery can boost your sales, help the community, and can improve your company’s exposure.

Read on to find out how your business can benefit from cannabis delivery in Sacramento, the top companies to partner with, and tips on how to prepare your business to gain from these services.

Cannabis delivery in Sacramento is taking off! Here’s how you can benefit.

Utilizing Cannabis Delivery In Sacramento as a Business Owner

Cannabis stores in Sacramento are popping up all over the place—making the market quite competitive. However, there is a plus side to the increase in options and that’s the growing opportunities, like cannabis delivery, available to both companies and consumers. 

In January 2019, the state of California legalized state-wide delivery. This means that if you are a cannabusiness owner in California, you can apply for a delivery license to have your products sent right to your customer’s front door! From edible gummies, to cannabis shots in Sacramento, consumers are enjoying—and experimenting with—all different types of products. Now, thanks to delivery, customers can access more products and aren’t restricted by location.

If you own a dispensary, or are looking to distribute your marijuana plants to a wider audience, consider hopping on this trend. The more delivery services you open your product up to, the greater your exposure to a broader audience. With more consumers aware of your company—and more users having access to your selection of high-quality products at their fingertips—the higher your profit margins will be. It’s a win-win!

Benefits of Weed Delivery

Whether you’re a dispensary owner, distributor, or other cannabusiness owner, the benefits of cannabis delivery in Sacramento are aplenty! While increased brand exposure is an obvious one, there are a handful of other powerful advantages of cannabis delivery for you and your customers:


This one is two-fold. First, your customers don’t have to work hard to get their weed. Instead, they can order through a delivery service from the confort (and safety) of their home. And, as a business owner, you can easily fill orders to get your products to a wider array of consumers. Listing your products for delivery is also a good form of marketing. Imagine someone on the other side of Sacramento hasn’t heard of your company. When using a delivery app, they are more likely to virtually stumble upon your products and try them out!


For those who use marijuana for legitimate illnesses or debilitating conditions, the option of medical marajuana delivery is a God-send! This allows patients who aren’t physically able to drive to a dispensary to still be able to access their products online. These companies are delivering a lot of relief—literally and figuratively!

Additionally, people are busy. Customers ranging from stay-at-home parents to busy CEOs don’t always have the luxury of shopping in person. But, with reliable delivery services, customers don’t have to fret about when they’ll have time to get their weed, they can just order online when they have the time. Customers can also check out product reviews on the apps to ensure they’re purchasing high-quality cannabis. In turn, businesses that offer only the best and well-reviewed products can expect a boost in sales as well.


Not everyone wants to be seen by Aunt Karen from down the street as they pop into a dispensary to purchase their cannabis products. With delivery, consumers can now browse thousands of products privately (and without interruption) from the comfort of their couch. This is also very beneficial for business owners as door-to-door cannabis delivery helps increase reach and sales. Because people have more time to peruse products from home, they often try new products and are more likely to add something random to their cart because it is so easy and accessible.

Tips For Using Cannabis Delivery Effectively

Now that we’ve covered the main benefits of getting your cannabis to customers via delivery services, there are still a few more things to consider before jumping on board. To really gain from delivery, you’ll want to approach it strategically. Here are some quick business tips to help ensure an increase in sales:

Create A Strategy

First, consider if this option will be a viable solution for you. The main goal is to increase revenue, right? So, you’ll need to crunch the numbers to decide if adding delivery will be worth your time, effort, and money. Ask yourself: Do I have the capital to invest in delivery platform costs? Will my product offering be competitive amongst the existing companies on delivery apps? What products will sell best on this type of platform?

Choose Third-Party Companies Wisely

To start off competitively, you’re going to need to research all of the marijuana delivery services in Sacramento that are currently on the market. Be sure to read reviews, ask your customers which companies they prefer and why, look into fee structures and potential location radiuses, and meet with the companies you’re interested in.

The companies you team up with should be reputable, competitively priced, highly rated, have exceptional customer service, and they should be known to work well with companies like yours. You definitely don’t want your name dragged through the mud just because you chose a bad service, so due diligence is a must. To give you a bit of a head-start, take a look at these top 8 delivery companies in Sacramento.

Get Your Business Ready

With reliable delivery companies in place, customers can now buy your marijuana clones or other products easily! You’ll be raking in the money in no time—well, almost. To accommodate the hundreds of orders you’re about to fill, be sure to prepare a solid plan to best accommodate them. Who of your staff members will receive, confirm, and fill the orders? Should you adjust your business’s physical layout to make order filling easier? Should you separate your items for quick accessibility? Will you need to order more inventory from your trusted suppliers and producers? If so, how much? All of these are imperative to your weed delivery success, and are worth more than a brief thought. Having an action-plan in place will keep things organized and running smoothly once your company is live on delivery platforms.

Additionally, teaming up with regulated producers and reliable wholesale marijuana dispensaries will help you really stand out from your competitors. You can have tons of exposure, but if what you are selling is lack-luster, you won’t make it very far in this industry. Quality of your product is key!

Offering high-quality products is the key to weed delivery success!

Charging Forward With Cannabis Delivery By Your Side

It’s no doubt that cannabis delivery provides tons of benefits to both consumers and business owners. But, before you dive in head-first and start partnering with every weed delivery service you can find, you should begin by researching for the best companies to partner with based on your product offering. On top of this, you’ll want to make sure that your business can afford delivery services and that they will help you grow your business, not cause a ton of headaches.

Once you decide to move ahead with delivery, focus on treating it as a business add-on. Stay prepared, be diligent about efficiency, put forward your best effort (and products) and watch your brand, sales, and revenues soar!

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