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Homegrown’s List of Top-Ranked Marijuana-Friendly Hotels in California


Are you a recreational cannabis traveler or a medical marijuana patient looking for friendly accommodation? There are many types of lodging options across the Golden State for recreational marijuana travelers and enthusiasts. Since California legalized cannabis, it is rapidly becoming a travel destination for many enthusiasts looking for a weed-related getaway. Read on for our bucket list of hand-picked marijuana-friendly hotels in California.

California has plenty of tourism options that are marijuana-friendly.

Some cannabis-friendly hotels and lodging options allow guests to smoke in balconies or open areas, while others have open spaces where you can vape and hang out with other guests. Cannabis tourism is not only about smoking either. Some cannabis-friendly hotels in California offer spa treatments and thematic restaurants, but all are also devoted to the devil’s lettuce!

Our list of top-ranked cannabis-friendly hotels will start with the cheaper options and go all the way to the more luxurious experiences across the state of California.

Desert Hot Springs Inn – Greater Palm Springs

Desert Hot Springs Inn is a perfect getaway with a natural hot mineral water pool and spa, with a stunning view of the mountains. People love this property because it is 420-friendly and dog-friendly, so you can bring your furry friend in without paying any extra fee. This inn allows cannabis consumption but asks guests to be considerate to non-users. They also offer CBD-based treatments in their spa with a signature oil blend. The price range for getting a room in Desert Hot Springs is from $85 to $279.

Cannabis policy: You’re allowed to consume cannabis, but the inn asks you to be considerate as not all visitors smoke.

Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast – Idyllwild

The name says it all. Hicksville Pines is a wild place to be! One of the first marijuana-friendly hotels in California, the themed cabins and rooms, as well as the rec room and arcade, were made with fun in mind. There’s even a 420-themed room for the serious enthusiasts. All common areas are cannabis-friendly; they partner with a delivery service to bring you the best strains and even offer a surprise gift at check-in. Pets are welcomed to join you in your stay, but your kids will have to stay at home because the property premise is for adults only. The price ranges between $150 and $263 for a standard room.

Cannabis policy: All common areas are marijuana-friendly!

The Standard Hollywood – Los Angeles

Hollywood culture lovers will enjoy relaxing by the pool while listening to a live D.J. in the middle of the Sunset Strip. The Standard is the first hotel with a Cannabis Dispensary in its lobby. The store features products such as gummies, chocolate, lotions, and other cannabis-infused goods. This boutique-based hotel is also known for its secret private nightclub, 24/7 open restaurant, and even 24/7 room service. This luxurious spot with iconic L.A. views will leave you feeling fully relaxed and at ease. The price for a room ranges from $161 to $323 per night.

Cannabis policy: Cannabis-infused products are allowed, but smoking policies are not clear, and you should confirm in-person.

Some hotels allow vaping in the open areas, make sure to check before booking.

Noe’s Nest Bed and Breakfast – San Francisco

Noe’s Nest is a charming Victorian-style bed & breakfast in the heart of San Francisco. This fascinating property offers a quaint experience, breathtaking city views, and a colorful outdoor garden patio. You can bring your pets with you by paying an extra fee, and you won’t be charged for children below 12. Guests are allowed to smoke in the garden areas where ashtrays are provided. The price range for booking a room is from $144 to $337.

Cannabis policy: You can smoke in the garden areas of the property. 

The Eagle Inn – Santa Barbara

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway just a short walk from the beach in Santa Barbara, The Eagle Inn is perfect. This boutique hotel is within walking distance to the best restaurants, shopping options, breweries, wine tasting tours, and of course, cannabis dispensaries. They also offer free bicycles for guests to use. If you provide the staff with your medical recommendations, they will show you the best local dispensaries around. The rooms called “Casitas” may be cannabis-friendly, but you should contact them to make sure. Prices range from $195 to $449.

Cannabis policy: The hotel service will show you where local dispensaries are if you present a medical recommendation. Smoking policies must be checked in-person.

Dream HollywoodLos Angeles

Dream Hollywood is a sophisticated, modern hotel with luxurious rooms and spaces. Guests praise the swank rooftop pool from where you can order high-end vaporizers, also available for in-room purchase. The hotel doesn’t offer pods or flowers, but popular cannabis delivery services cover the area. Although Dream Hollywood is a smoke-free hotel, vaping is allowed in the rooms’ balconies and on the rooftop. Small pets are welcome if you pay a non-refundable fee. Prices range from $199 to $439.

Cannabis policy: Smoking is not allowed in communal areas, but you can purchase vaporizers and vape in some open areas.

Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows – Santa Monica

Fairmont Miramar provides a luxury experience for cannabis enthusiasts. The hotel partners with a cannabis delivery service that offers CBD-based products and other edibles, lotions, and topicals through a Cannabis Concierge program. The luxurious rooms and bungalows with ocean views are among the favorites for all guests, along with the relaxing available spa treatments. The hotel has a strict no-smoking and no-vaping policy in the rooms and all external areas of the property. The price range for a standard room is between $476 and $784.

Cannabis policy: There is a strict no-smoking and no-vaping policy, but you can order non-inhalation and low-dose cannabis products in your room.

Final Thoughts Before Packing Your Bags

Cannabis businesses and tourism in the Golden State are on the rise. There are plenty of options other than the ones mentioned here. This is just a handful of the most well-known. Most cannabis-friendly hotels in California will not publicly share information about their marijuana policies. So whether you’re specifically looking for a marijuana-themed travel experience or you’re a medical cannabis patient, it’s crucial to contact your accommodation before booking to confirm their policies.

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