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The Complete Guide to the SOG Growing Method


The Sea of Green, abbreviated to SOG, method of growing marijuana is the name given to the process where cannabis plants are forced into early flowering.

This allows growers to go to harvest quicker saving time and money in the process. In this article, we’ll explain how you can use the SOG growing method and the benefits that come with it.

Benefits of the Sea of Green Growing Method

We list three of our top benefits of the SOG growing method for amateur and first-time growers who want to experiment with growing cannabis. 

Increase Yield in a Similar Size Space

Even though the yield per plant is less when using the Sea of Green growing method, more plants can fit into the same sized space. Plants also don’t grow as high making the overall growing space shorter and lower. 

Grow Different Strains at Once

Due to the faster-growing time, you can grow different strains at once. The cannabis plants won’t need to be trained with different hours of light before forcing the flowering. It’s great for first-time growers and those growing small scale at home who aren’t sure which strain they prefer most.

Efficiently Use Resources

All your resources can be used in one room or growing space for multiple strains. There’s no need to have different watering systems, different light rooms and timers, and no need to make space for strains of different heights. 

How to Use the Sea of Green Growing Method

The idea behind this method of growing is to trick the plants into thinking the warm summer has passed and autumn (the season of flowering) has arrived. Follow the below steps to grow healthy cannabis indoors using the SOG technique.

  1. We recommend buying high-quality strains straight from the source. This removed the hassle of growing from seeds and spending time and resources on growing males that don’t bud. 

  1. Plant the strains in good quality soil and use 18 – 24 hours of light at a time until the plants reach 10 – 12 inches in height. This is called the ‘vegetative state’ and may be determined by the stain you’ve planted. When in doubt, rather leave the plants at this stage for a week or two longer as removing them too quickly will result in lower yields.

  1. Once plants have reached these heights, space them out one foot apart. Ensure that the plants are equal in height so they all receive the same amount of light. It’s also important to keep your light sources evenly spread while avoiding hot spots by having the light too close to leaves. 

  1. Change the lighting timer to 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light cycles. This forces the plants to flower and produces buds. 

  1. Once you see a dense canopy of buds form inside your growing area, trim the branches at the bottom. These branches can be used for clones! By trimming the branches, you’re forcing the plant to give all its growing energy to the forming buds. 

  1. Let the plans grow a bit more until you see the trichomes forming. You’ll know it’s ready to harvest when the trichomes are white and produce a strong scent. 

  1. Trim the buds from the plants and remove any other leaves that aren’t part of the bud. Start the drying process by hanging the bud stem upside down in a room with a humidity percentage of around 70% for the first few days before steadily decreasing the humidity.

  1. Once the stems feel like they may crack easily the buds are ready to be cured. Trim the buds into chunks and place them in a clean jar before storing them in a dark space. You want to open these jars once a day to release any last traces of humidity. This process will take around 2 weeks although some growers can stretch the process to a couple of months.

Once your buds have been dried, it’s ready to start the curing process. 

Strains You Can Grow Using the SOG Growing Method

Are you thinking about growing cannabis at home using the Sea of Green growing method? We list some of the strains 

Bubblegum XL

THC: 19%
Effect: Relaxing

This 60% Sativa and 40% Indica hybrid adapt to growing methods quickly making it a fantastic strain to use in the Sea of Green technique. It’s also known to grow one stalk with a couple of side branches making fimming quick and easy. If you avoid too much humidity and dampness, this strain doesn’t grow tall even without using the SOG method.

White Widow

THC: 20%
Effect: Energetic

This iconic strain is often found in Amsterdam coffee shops and is known for creating a lasting high. It’s mainly used to alleviate the feeling of stress and anxiety giving users energy to take on the day.

Northern Lights

THC: 16%
Effect: Calming and sleepy

This fast-growing and flowering strain provides much more yield than strains that are 50% or more Sativa. It prefers hydroponic systems or soil and, just like Bubblegum XL, doesn’t like humidity.


If you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned pro, you won’t be disappointed when buying cannabis strains from Homegrown Nursery. Skip the headache that comes with growing from seeds, separating male from female, and now knowing the quality of cannabis. Growing from healthy strains is simple and more rewarding. Your high will thank you. 

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