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The Future of the Cannabis Beverage Industry


From non-alcoholic beers to coffee and sodas, cannabis-infused drinks are swiftly growing in popularity.

With major industry innovation, it’s no surprise that cannabis has hit the beverage market with a bang. In states where recreational marijuana use is now legal, consumers are avoiding the excess calories and lingering effects of alcoholic drinks (like the alcohol-only liquid marijuana shot), and are turning to quality, healthier cannabis beverages instead. In fact, alcohol sales in these states have significantly decreased (by as much as 15%). This trend has inspired companies to release new and exciting marijuana-infused drinkables. Options like THC or CBD tonics, sparkling beverages, energy drinks, sodas, kombucha, and even non-alcoholic cannabis beer and wine are quickly gaining in popularity. Best part? They taste great and are less of a health risk.

Marijuana-Infused Beverage Opportunities

If you’re willing to comply with the legal requirements of the cannabis beverage industry (more on that later), there is ample opportunity as a business owner, producer, grower, or investor.

With a few exceptions, almost every drink on the market can get a cannabis-makeover. From coffee to sparkling water, the possibilities are endless. Infused drinkables are expected to bring in a total of $2.8 billion by 2025, making now the perfect time to act and grab yourself a piece of the pie! Here’s a look inside this thriving niche:

Growth is thanks to massive leaps in technology:

Because of their oily and fat-soluble nature, cannabinoids are difficult to mix with anything water-based. However, development in nanotechnology (like nano-emulsification) has made mixing these substances possible. This new infusion technology has catapulted the industry forward!

Cannabis-infused drinks are hugely popular with consumers:

Cannabis is an all-around healthier alternative to alcohol with fewer long-term effects, making it a popular choice for consumers. Another bonus of marijuana drinks? They have a much quicker uptake compared to edibles. While eating marijuana can take up to 2 hours to affect you, with drinkables, the onset can transpire in 30 minutes or less. Additionally, marijuana-infused drinks allow consumers to enjoy the sensation of cannabis without having to deal with the side effects associated with alcohol, smoking, or vaping. On top of that, similarly to edibles, liquid marijuana products offer more of a ‘body high’ which is perfect for those who prefer that to the psychological effects.

Cannabis-infused drinks are the healthier alternative to alcohol as they have fewer negative side effects.

Big companies are investing:

Although alcohol-producing companies can’t combine cannabis with their current offerings, that isn’t deterring them from getting involved in the industry. In fact, big players like Molson Coors Beverage, Heineken, Corona, and Anheuser-Busch InBev (the company that produces Budweiser, Bud Light, and other beers) have all made very significant investments in cannabis companies. They see the potential of the infused drink market and want a share. On top of these already-engaged companies, businesses like Starbucks and Coca-Cola are observing the market for potential entry to offer CBD drinks as part of the wellness sector.

Understanding the Regulations Around Cannabis Beverages

The new trend of cannabis beverages has opened up a whole new facet of the cannabis industry, and, like with any growth, new policies and laws have followed suit.

While THC and/or CBD-infused beverages are a refreshing substitute to smoking, eating edibles, or sipping on alcoholic drinks, producing them comes with legal implications and new regulations to adhere to. Luckily, marijuana-infused beverage legalities do mirror those of edibles. Specifically in California, cannabis regulation states that a manufacturing license is required for production and only 10 milligrams of THC is allowed per single-serving beverage. Products are also subject to testing to ensure proper dosing.

Packaging is a bit trickier when it comes to beverages. In California, products must be clearly labeled, opaque or amber in color, child-proof, and have a clear strip indicating serving size information and dosage.

For the sale of anything infused with marijuana, Californian law clearly states that cannabis retailers are the only ones allowed to distribute these types of products. Furthermore, because cannabis isn’t legal federally (yet), in the United States, you are limited to selling in your state alone as these products cannot be shipped across state lines.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control also notes that no cannabis-infused beverages can contain, or be marketed to contain alcohol. With this strict law against mixing cannabis with alcohol, it looks like the liquid marijuana shot won’t be available for purchase with real cannabis in the near future (maybe someday). But, there are plenty of other beverage ideas and recipes (other than the cannabis shot recipe) for you to tweak and work with.

What’s Next & How You Can Get Involved in This Growing Industry

The popularity of cannabis-infused beverages brings nothing but good news and ample opportunities for those in the marijuana sector. Most notably, the massive influx of money and resources is allowing for speedy innovation within the industry. Partnering with large beverage producers will ensure that the quality of your products is exceptionally high.

If you’re considering growing plants to sell to larger corporations or to produce your own beverages or marijuana shot recipe, purchasing high-quality cannabis clones for sale in California will speed up your production process so you can keep up with increasing demands and guarantee superior products. Whether your a producer, supplier, shop owner, grower, or investor, now is the perfect time to get involved!

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