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The Top 5 Cannabis Apps to Set Your Business Apart From the Competition


The past decade has tracked huge growth for the cannabis industry. To help aid in the expansion, a massive influx of cannabis apps has hit the market. With applications that focus on everything from industry trends to plant growing tips, there’s something for everyone. As a business owner in this fast-paced industry, it can be difficult to know what apps can truly benefit your company—which is why we’ve done the research for you!

So what can you expect from these best of the best cannabis apps? Well, these applications can help you:

  • streamline processes

  • reach your audience more effectively

  • increase exposure or sales

  • experiment with new clones

  • engage with other like-minded business owners

  • and more!

Whether you’re a marijuana grower, producer, retailer, or other enthusiastic cannapreneur, here’s a list of the top 5 apps tailored to a variety of business objectives.

The best cannabis apps for business owners

MjLink: The Best Social Media Platform for Cannabis Businesses

Because there are many restrictions around cannabis on classic social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, companies have turned to a new app where communities and business owners can freely share their passion.

While many cannabis social media apps are geared towards consumers, MjLink was created as a platform for industry professionals to connect. As a cannapreneur, you can use this app to share business ideas, find inspiration, read up on trends, and make beneficial B2B connections. By downloading the app and adding your company to the MjLink directory, you’ll be joining thousands of other passionate business owners who are making waves in the industry.

Growbuddy: Best App for Growers

Are you a grower looking to streamline the marijuana plant-growing process and increase productivity? Enter Growbuddy, a weed grower’s best friend.

For hobbyists or large-scale growers, this cannabis app can help you track your feminized clones, keep notes and schedule feeding times, create alerts, get help from other growers, and monitor all aspects of your operation. By using this app, you’ll yield superior, better-tasting buds, and see greater overall growing results.

Weedmaps: Best App for Business Exposure

With so many types of cannabis strains and flavors on the market, it can become overwhelming for a business owner to decide which ones to sell or produce. If you find yourself caught up in this confusion, Weedmaps is a great resource for you!

The app offers relevant information and user reviews on thousands of marijuana strains. Business owners use the app to discover what’s trending, details of the most popular strains, and what market sectors are growing most rapidly. Compared to some of its competitors, Weedmaps is more business-oriented. With over 6 million monthly visitors, the app makes a point to showcase local retailers, dispensaries, and other marijuana brands. Their goal is to introduce these brands to consumers who are looking to buy top-quality products. So if you are hoping to increase your exposure, promote your products, build brand awareness, and directly connect with your audience, this marijuana mobile app is worth downloading.

Simleaf: Best Simulated Growing & Educational App

Adding a new strain to your already-established grow-op offerings can be a daunting, expensive, and frustrating task. Additionally, if you haven’t grown marijuana before, knowing where or how to start can be just as intimidating.

That’s where Simleaf comes in handy. This game-like growing app is the perfect simulated solution. Think of it as the Tamagotchi of marijuana plant-growing. The app enables you to choose your strain, modify your lighting or soil’s PH, and so much more! Once you’ve successfully taken your 3D plant through its entire life-cycle (while learning along the way) you can apply your knowledge and understanding to your real-life business!

Eaze: Best Weed Delivery App in California

With the increased demand for delivery services, is it any surprise that we now have weed delivery apps? The current pandemic has made it especially difficult for consumers to get what they want when they want. So, in legalized states like California, weed delivery apps are quickly gaining in popularity and are thriving in these difficult times.

Eaze is a popular weed delivery app that serves consumers throughout California. The app has seen massive growth during the pandemic thanks to its massive selection of high-quality products and quick delivery. If you’re a local retailer in California, you’ll want to sign-up as one of Eaze’s trusted and legal partners. This can help you increase your company’s sales, brand awareness, and overall exposure to your target audience.

Weed delivery apps have exploded in popularity during the pandemic.

Unleash the Power of Advanced App Technology to Propel Your Business Forward

There certainly is a wide variety of apps available for cannabis entrepreneurs. And, we are quite confident that if you start with the ones on this list that appeal to your business goals or needs, your company will quickly start reaping the benefits.

Whether you want to learn how to grow top-quality clones, or are hoping to reach a larger audience, using apps tailored to your objectives can certainly assist you along the way. Maintaining an online presence or enhancing your business-savviness through the use of technology like cannabis apps can help you gain an edge in this competitive industry. So start downloading!

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