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Top Cannabis Events in California to Help Your Business Thrive


The Golden State is an exciting place to be if you are a marijuana entrepreneur. There are numerous cannabis events in California for all audiences: from yoga classes to music festivals to networking events. With friendly California cannabis laws, this state has become the heart of all things marijuana. However, as an entrepreneur, business owner, or manager, you don’t have the time to attend all marijuana events in California. Time is precious after all. So knowing which events you should not miss out on can be crucial to your business growth.

In this article, we have gathered the best cannabis events in California for business purposes. Although many marijuana-related events take place in the Golden State, we have given the spotlight to the business events that will help you grow and build useful connections.

Cannabis business trade show exhibitors.

International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC)

The International Cannabis Business Conference is one of the largest marijuana events in California for B2B networking. Since 2014, the ICBC has been gathering people from all around the West Coast and is a must for everyone in the cannabis industry. The audience attending ICBC includes business owners, investors, technicians, and medical professionals. 

If you go to one of these events, you can expect an exciting panel of speakers, programs packed with information, politics, business, and cannabis culture altogether, and of course, fantastic after parties. This conference takes place in many cities on the West Coast, including San Francisco, as well as several countries in Europe.

Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

The Cannabis Business Summit & Expo, which takes place in San Francisco, is an important event to stay in-the-know regarding laws and policy reform. This event is organized by the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), and it’s catered towards investors, cannabis advocates, cultivators, processors, retailers, and other types of marijuana entrepreneurs. 

If you attend the Cannabis Summit, expect to see congress representatives and senators chatting with entrepreneurs and industry leaders to shape and discuss the cannabis economy. This trade show is a great place to learn more about regulations, the latest rules, and the future of legalization in San Francisco.


CannMed is an event that discusses cannabis cultivation techniques, science, safety, and medicine. For cultivation, speakers talk about the latest discoveries and trends in crops for greater yields and higher potencies. For science, speakers discuss everything related to scientific research on marijuana and its latest developments. In the medicine panels, clinicians will share case studies and experiences using cannabis as medical support for ailments. Attending the safety talks will get you up to speed in best practices for quality control and testing regulations from seasoned scientists. 

CannMed usually takes place in Pasadena, CA, once a year. You can expect a deeply immersive experience in the technical aspects of marijuana along with medicinal cannabis research.

CBD Expo West

The CBD Expo is an exciting event for all things related to cannabis, taking place all over the country. CBD Expo West is catered towards the West Coast and will be held in Los Angeles in 2021. The themes discussed in this conference range from medical research, health, and investments, to compliance and regulations. The different panel rooms host specialists talking about market trends, investor relations, therapeutics, cultivation, extraction, genetics, research, marketing, and much more. This conference also runs some workshops with a large number of exhibitors. 

Cannabis Food Show

Cannabis Food Show is a B2B expo and conference dedicated to the cannabis-based edibles industry. The first show will take place in San Francisco, followed by an event in Chicago. This conference is a must if you are involved in any stage of the development, production, distribution, or retail processes for any marijuana edible products. You can expect to meet brand owners, key industry players, distributors, and retailers. The topics discussed during the Cannabis Food Show include major industry trends and innovative practices for the edibles sector. Although you’ll need to buy tickets to attend the conference, it is free to visit the expo floor without entering the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with all types of marijuana entrepreneurs in the food industry.

Marijuana business events are excellent networking opportunities.


WestPack is an exciting conference in Los Angeles focused on cannabis packaging technologies, manufacturing innovations and trends, automation, and sustainability. This is the leading marijuana event in California for manufacturers. You should attend WestPack if you are a cannabis manufacturer or a packaging supplier. Although this event is highly focused on the marijuana packaging industry, it is also great for staying on top of the latest innovations for cannabis manufacturing and all things related. WestPack holds workshops and educational activities, along with lots of networking opportunities.

The Emerald Conference

The Emerald Conference is an annual event that focuses on several factors in the California cannabis industry, emphasizing science, trends, and innovation. This San Diego conference discusses best practices in the production, cultivation, and processing of cannabis products. If you attend the Emerald Conference, you can also expect to learn a lot about research and development, testing, extraction, and even pre-clinical research. Most of the speakers at this event are renowned scientists on the cutting edge of cannabis research. This conference takes place in a resort, has a charity golf tournament, and some formal networking events.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis Events in California

California is undoubtedly a hotspot for all types of cannabis-related events and conferences. Attending all conferences and trade shows that take place can be time-consuming and highly expensive. So make the most of all events you go to. Rather than just listening to the panels, taking a brief look at exhibitors, and going home, make sure you do lots of networking. 

Exchange business cards with other entrepreneurs who could be potential partners and don’t forget to connect afterward. And you don’t need to spend a great deal of money either. Some of these events offer a cheaper ticket price or even free entrance to the exhibit floors where you can network as much as you want.

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