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How To Grow Aeroponics Marijuana


You may have heard of hydroponics, used when growing marijuana in water, but have you heard of aeroponics?

In this article, we dive into what growing aeroponic marijuana mean, how you can grow at home, and the benefits of aeroponics marijuana. 

An aeroponic system doesn’t use soil to grow cannabis. The plants are suspended in the air and nets keep them upright.

What does Aeroponics Mean?

Aeroponic growing is similar to hydroponics in the way that no soil is used to feed nutrients to the roots. This growing method gained popularity during the early 20th century as a way to study a plant’s root system. Aeroponic growing has quickly grown into a popular method for growing marijuana clones and plants. The method can be used to grow healthy plants with good root systems before planting them in soil or can be used to grow full plants until harvest. 

How Does Aeroponic Grow Systems Work?

When growing aeroponic marijuana, the plant is put into a container with space for the roots to grow out underneath. A system of water pipes that continuously spray the roots is placed underneath the containers. These containers can be bought ready-made or you can build your own and are often called cloners, as many clone cuttings for sale are put into aeroponic systems to grow healthy roots before being transplanted into soil and sold.

Let’s break down what such a container would look like: 

  • The bottom of the container is called the reservoir. This is where the water and nutrients are stored. It’s important to note that the container should be high enough so the tools don’t touch the water. The reservoir water should be replaced around every 10 days with clean and fresh water. This is also a good time to add any nutrients to the water.

  • The water pump is placed inside the reservoir and will pump the water from the reservoir through the pipes and out the spray nozzles. 

  • The plant bed is where you’ll place the clones or seedlings. The plants should be placed with their roots suspended above the reservoir. 

  • Next is the pipe system and spray nozzles. These are connected to the water pump, which will need a source of power to run, with spray nozzles directed towards the marijuana plant roots. Note that you don’t want nozzles spraying more than 20-50 microns of water on the roots. This may drown the root systems and decrease their access to oxygen. 

  • Lastly is the timer connected to the pump system. These timers can be set for 30 minutes at a time with 30-minute breaks in between. Make sure to watch your plants and adjust the timers as needed. 

One of the benefits of growing marijuana using aeroponics is the higher trichome amount.

Benefits Of Aeroponics Marijuana

Growing aeroponics marijuana carries many benefits. Below we list some of the advantages for growers and some of the strains that work best with an aeroponic system.  

H3: Advantages for growers

  • Aeroponic systems produce quality plants with large and healthy buds. Nutrients are placed in the water and sprayed directly onto the roots.


  • Roots thrive due to the constant contact with oxygen and nutrient-rich water.

  • Plants can be grown closer together as they aren’t inhibited by soil which may also carry pests and disease. 

  • The aeroponic system also uses less water since the water sprayed on the roots which isn’t used, is recycled. 

Best strains for aeroponic systems

  • Strawberry Cough: This easy-grow strain is perfect for those starting their growing journey. The strain is resistant to many molds and pests while working well in indoor and outdoor situations.

  • OG Kush: This strain has a low resistance to disease, can easily attract bugs and is best grown in a tropical climate. Just like Strawberry Cough, this strain can be grown indoors and outdoors and needs sunlight. 

  • Girl Scout Cookies: A cooler temperature will result in a purple color strain that grows to a medium height. The strain is also resistant to pests and disease but needs a space with low stress as the plant wants to branch out when growing. 

  • Gorilla Glue #4: This strain will give a yield of 18 ounces per 10 square feet when grown indoors. Another highlight is that it only takes a maximum of nine weeks to flower.

Buy Strains For Easy Growing

If you’re looking at growing aeroponic marijuana at home, we recommend purchasing cannabis clones to start the process. By buying strains you won’t have the hassle of growing from seeds and you’ll be sure to receive feminized clones. When purchasing clones, be sure that it’s from a reputable source and that you receive healthy plants with an established root system. 

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