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The Basics of Marijuana Micro Growing


Micro-growing cannabis at home is a technique used by growers with limited space. By choosing the right strain and creating a good setup, home growers can harvest marijuana in spaces as small as a cupboard.

This article teaches you more about the growing method and outlines the steps to follow when micro-growing at home.

What is Marijuana Micro-Growing

Marijuana micro-growing is a technique often used by home growers with limited space. By training the plants to reach limited heights, a space as small as a cupboard is enough for a cannabis harvest. As easy as it sounds, ‘it’s important to remember that attention to detail and setup is needed for successful growth.

The Benefits of the Cannabis Micro-Growing Method

Micro-growing your own weed has many benefits but the couple we’re most excited about are listed below.

It’s ideal for beginners looking to try out cannabis growing at home. Due to the small setup and limited space needed, it’s a great way to get your hands on some equipment and see if it’s a hobby you would like to take further. Micro-growing is a cheaper alternative as you can build your growing box in a cupboard or any other small and light-tight space.

In the states where weed growing is illegal, micro-growing is a good way to keep the plants hidden with less risk with the law.

When growing marijuana using the micro-cultivating method, choose your lighting carefully and ensure the lights aren’t too close to the plants.

How to Micro-Cultivate Marijuana at Home

Setting up your grow box at home is relatively easy. We’ve outlined some of the most important factors to consider when setting up and growing your strains.

Choose the Right Lighting

We recommend using LEDs when growing your strains. CFLs bulbs can be used, too but remember that the plants will need white light in vegetative states and yellow lights during flowering. When using bulbs, also ensure the bulbs don’t emit any heat which might burn the plants. A 270w or 360w LED with a broad light spectrum is a good option as it produces no heat.

Set Up Airflow

Proper ventilation is crucial as all plants need CO2 for photosynthesis. Ventilation provides your plants with enough CO2 to ensure clean airflow preventing the air from becoming stale and mold growing. Like old computer cases and small cupboards, smaller spaces only need a 24V outtake fan for air circulation.

Know Your Soil

Growing healthy plants using the marijuana micro-growing technique requires the right soil. Using an aeroponic or hydro system is possible, but considering the small space, the effort vs. reward may not make it worthwhile. A good rule is to use less soil so the root system doesn’t grow too big as the height of the roots are usually an indication of the height of the plant.

The pot size impacts the height of the plants, so plan your space and size of the pots carefully. A 500ml pot will result in a 13cm plant, a 2-3 liter pot will grow a 24cm plant and a 5-liter pot will grow a 60cm plant.

Macro and micronutrients are essential when growing happy and healthy plants. Many nurseries sell soil specifically formulated for cannabis.

Choose the correct growing method

First things first; keep the humidity of the growing space between 50-60% with a temperature between 18-25C. When the plant is in the vegetative state, keep the lighting cycle to 18 hours on and 6 hours off. In compact spaces, the SOG (Sea of Green) method along with marijuana pruning is perfect.

Choose the Right Strain for Cannabis Micro-Growing

Remove the hassle of growing cannabis from seeds and buy feminized marijuana clones perfect for micro-growing. Below are some of the best strains for this growing method:

Blue Dream

Blue Dream clones will take around 10 weeks from planting until flowering when growing indoors. The plant can grow to about 5 feet so choose wisely when selecting the pots.

Gelato 45

This strain is known to grow very well indoors with a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks with a height of 4 – 6 feet.

Gelato 33

This Indica-dominant hybrid may be one of the more difficult strains in this list to grow. It’s a delicate plant which is very sensitive to temperature shifts. Flowering time is 8-9 weeks and can grow to around 4-6 feet tall.

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