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The Best Source for Marijuana Clones for Sale in Los Angeles

Are you planning to start growing marijuana for recreational or medical purposes? Finding the perfect variety of cannabis is a high priority, and Homegrown Nursery offers only the top-quality marijuana clones for sale in Los Angeles. Purchasing marijuana clones is a way to save you time and ensure an excellent final product.

Where to buy marijuana clones in Los Angeles?

Homegrown Nursery has got you covered!

We serve the greater LA area, San Diego, Sacramento, Fresno, and the majority of California, delivering rooted and healthy marijuana plants safely at your door. Homegrown Nursery offers easily identifiable and stable Cannabis genetics, feminized clones with pure genetics in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.
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The best marijuana clones for sale in Los Angeles

The best way to ensure you’re purchasing a top-quality product is by getting them from a reputable nursery. At Homegrown Nursery, we work tirelessly to become not only one of the top local marijuana nurseries but also to provide people with safe and healthy cannabis plants.

The cuts and clones that we sell are all taken from a healthy and strong mother plant. All of our genetics are cloned, controlled, and monitored from the seeds. You can expect nothing but first-rate plants from our wide-ranging strain menu. Before being sent for delivery, our clones are rooted and viable.

What are clones, and why should I buy them instead of seeds?

If you’re a marijuana enthusiast, you are well aware of the wide variety of different strains for obtaining unique attributes, such as yield, potency, and flavor. Clones are cuttings taken from a plant to create another genetically identical plant. This is how we ensure that you’re getting the exact strain that you want. The plant that clones originate from is known as the mother plant. We also make sure to cut healthy plants at exactly the right stage to ensure a top-quality clone.
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Cloning Process

Another great advantage of purchasing clones instead of seeds is that it will save you tons of time waiting for the seeds to grow to only then find out if the plant is the variety you expected or if it’s a male plant. Cloning takes out all of the guess work, so you’re getting exactly what you expect.
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What is a Tug Test?

A tug test is a simple test to know if a clone plant is viable and rooted, which consists of a gentle tug on the plant. Don’t worry, as a part of our commitment, all clones pass a tug test before boxing and delivering to your address. If you find any problems with your plant, you can contact us within 24 hours from delivery, and if there is any issue, we will send you a replacement or a refund.

How to buy marijuana plants for sale online?

First of all, you must reside in California and be over the age of 21 to be able to grow cannabis plants in your home or enclosed garden legally. To purchase the best marijuana plant that fits your needs, simply navigate through our online shop and choose the strains that match your expectations as well as the plant size. Before boxing and sending it to you, we will ensure the plant is well-rooted and viable.
From classic strains that are everyone’s favorites to plants with high yields, fast flowering, particular THC levels, and more, our strain menu covers it all. We have the finest selection of Cannabis clones with verified genetics on the West Coast. If you want to grow first-rate marijuana plants, starting with clones and cuts that have verified cannabis genetics is the way to go. Order our superior clones online and wait for a representative to contact you to agree on delivery details. Forget about tirelessly browsing through classified or listing websites. Get the best marijuana plants for sale online and receive them at your door.
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Is buying clones a good deal for medical marijuana patients?

Yes, it absolutely is! If you are a medical marijuana patient, you know the struggle of finding the perfect marijuana strains for your condition. And even once you find the ideal Sativa, Indica, or hybrid strain, there are often shortages. Growing the plant by yourself in your basement or grow room is not only about taking matters into your own hands but about ensuring you always have access to the top-quality strain plants you need.
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First-Rate Cannabis Strains to anywhere in the U.S.!

We ship to anywhere cannabis is legal. If you are unsure if we can ship to your city or state, check out cities and states page or contact us.
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